Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is located at the northern coast of Dominican Republic. It is five kilometers away from the east of Puerto Plata. Playa Dorada is also near to the paradisiacal Sosua. Many travelers all over the world go to Playa Dorada yearly to experience a summer vacation which is second to none. Because of the booming tourism industry here in Playa Dorada, hotel and restaurant businesses are the establishments with lots of income. The same goes for the souvenir shops and alike. There are at least twelve different luxurious resorts to choose from. Each resort caters different activities that a guest may enjoy during their stay. Most of the hotel packages in Playa Dorada already include the foods and beverages. Along with the hospitality and excellent hotel service, the fresh fruit shakes adorned with little umbrellas or local flower with vivid color are the first thing that would welcome you as you step into these resorts of Playa Dorada.

The region of Playa Dorada is not just for couples or adults wanting to unwind in the stunning beaches. Children of all ages may also enjoy the trip to Playa Dorada especially at the Fun City. This entertainment park is one of the top tourist destinations in Playa Dorada. There are several fun-filled and safe racing cars for everyone. This includes bumper cars, go-karts, grand prix cars as well as sprint and midget cars.

Aside from the stunning beaches, the main attraction here in Playa Dorada is the region’s golf course. It designed by an architect named Robert Trent Jones who was fascinated by the beauty of Playa Dorada. It has at least 18 holes and 10 of which are located near the edge to make the play more challenging. This is the most popular place in Playa Dorada where most golf fanatics and golfers come together not only to play the sport but to be astonished by the panoramic views seen as the golf course.

The restaurants in Playa Dorada do not only offer exquisite local and international cuisines but magnificent view of the dramatic landscapes and islands as well. The captivating view of the dramatic mountains and islands will make you feel more relaxed as you take a bite of the unique blend of spices cooked by excellent chefs. Some of the best restaurants in Playa Dorada include Los Pinos, Acuarela, Otro Mundo and Café Cito. The price varies and you may choose from a lot of food establishments that would fit your taste buds and your budget as well.

During the night, locals and tourists would rush to the various bars to experience the lively nightlife here in Playa Dorada. Most of these bars and discos play typical merengue music that creates very Caribbean ambiance. Aside from the music, the bars are filled with amazing foods, local drinks and good-looking people. Most of the staff renders great service, not to mention that they are all gorgeous. It is another reason why foreigners are drawn into the bars of Playa Dorada.

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