A Natural Magnificence – Playa Grande

Dominican Republic is an island filled with many beautiful places. Every corner of this country boasts different natural magnificence. Like any part of Dominican Republic, Playa Grande is abundant with all the ecological richness that Mother Earth can give. It has stunning beaches and considered as a prime beach destination for tourists wanting to experience the perfect summer holiday. Playa Grande is one of the most well-known resorts not only within Dominican Republic but in the whole world as well. Not only Playa Grande is loved by beach lovers, but also golf enthusiasts. There are several outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Playa Grande by each and every member of the family.

This uniquely magnificent parcel that is almost 3,000 acres is located at the northern coast of its beautiful country – Dominican Republic. Playa Grande is near the towns of Cabrera and Rio San Juan. Both towns are also notorious for pristine beaches that attract many travelers as well. The dramatic landscapes of hills and cliffs are exposed in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Coming from Puerto Plata, Playa Grande can be reached within two hours since it is a nearby east neighbor of the said Dominican Republic town.

Playa Grande is recognized as a luxurious resort. Many elite people are visiting Playa Grande to experience the lavishness that Dominican Republic can cater while having fun out in the sun at the same time. The beach of Playa Grande has fine white and soft sand that extends up to 1,600 meters. The sand is complimented by the big Royal Palm trees that give shade while the sun is striking hot. If you are viewing the beach while riding a helicopter, you will notice that the beach actually has two colors – green and blue. The coral reefs and the marine life in this resort are flourishing. That is why many professional scuba divers are fond of taking a trip to Playa Grande to explore the surprise set by the deep water of the resort. Surfers, whether wind or wave surfers, are also the common tourists in Playa Grande. The waters of Playa Grande are not actually child-friendly since the waves are huge. Aside from surfing and deep-sea diving, there are a lot more outdoor activities that can be done in this luxurious resort. This includes horseback riding, tennis, ecotourism, trail hiking, shooting and golf.

Playa Grande has a main attraction that is very much appreciated by the golfers and golf enthusiasts. It is the golf course with 18 holes. Ten of these holes are placed near the edge where 200 feet below where the ocean lies is. This challenging golf course was designed by an architect named Robert Trent Jones Sr. The Playa Grande Golf Course had its debut in 1997. The main advantage of this golf course it the panoramic backdrop and the spectacular ocean scenery that can delight the golfer’s eyes while playing. There also nice restaurants inside the golf course that offers fresh sea foods, Dominican Republic’s local dishes and international cuisines.

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