Pomellato Jewellery in Singapore

Pino Rabolini with his brilliant idea created what we know as a high-class brand of jewellery named Pomellato. The brand that was invented in 1967 now has been ranked as the first five European jewellers. The rank that is given by its sales totally suits Pomellato since with the concept of prêt-à-porter which was considered as an innovation at that time, this Italian jeweller has successfully catch the attention of millions of people in the world. In more than thirty boutiques around the world, Pomellato serves jewellery that uses the best quality of materials, especially colored stones that become its focus of creation.

The jeweller that celebrates its 46th anniversary in 2013 launches Nudo, Capri, Veleno, Colpo di Fulmine, Victoria, Gold, and Tango as its latest collections with Nudo as Pomellato’s main collection for the year. Each of the collection has its own uniqueness. If you prefer simple look, Nudo is the best choice. This collection is made only with white and rose gold and various kinds of colored precious stones such as quartz, amethyst, topaz, and others. The other collections’ designs have more decoration besides the main stone.

Gold collection consists jewellery in the form of chains. As the name refers to, this collection is made of pure gold. Do not imagine the plain gold collection, because the gold is carved neatly to beautify this precious material. Chain is the symbol of togetherness and unity, thus it is used in some collections of Pomellato. Thus, besides Gold, Tango also uses chain. In this collection, the chain is even made into earrings and rings. In order to make it more unique, the silver and gold that become the main material for the jewellery are decorated with diamonds. Once you see the collection which uses tiny diamonds that embellish the jewellery, you will be amazed on how passion on art jewellery can compose these very beautiful chains, earrings, and bracelets.

Pomellato believes that all women love the best among the best ones, and therefore, Rouge Passion is created. Among all the most beautiful jewellery of Pomellato, Rouge Passion serves the highest quality jewellery. Stones which are inspired by the rarest most precious red gemstones used in this collection are put under the name Burma, Tangerine, and Jungle. The dark red that appears in the combination of synthetic ruby and mother-of-pearl in Burma will turn on the passion of everyone who wears or sees it, while the red of Tangerine which is from synthetic tangerine sapphire and mother-of-pearl can arouse the boggling thrill in your mind, and the combination of synthetic pink sapphire and mother-of pearl in Jungle creates the pink color and gives your heart the throbbing sensation. Available in rings, earrings, and pendants, you can wear the set of this alluring jewellery or combine the three red pendants into one necklace. No one will ever regret of spending at least 560 Euro for these stones as a lifetime investment. Choose your red and own the most precious investment ever!

Cannot wait any longer to start your journey to look for the “stones”? Since the boutiques are spread everywhere in the map, you can easily find the boutique on the nearest area. As in Asia, you can find it in China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Although Pomellato does not have so many boutiques around Asia, still, it does not open the boutique arbitrarily. Singapore, as the example, is famous as the city of fashion in Asia. You can find the latest collection from luxurious brands in Singapore. Thus, no wonder if Pomellato chooses this city to have two boutiques and corner shops in Singapore. Once visiting Singapore, make sure to go to Takashimaya Department Store or Hilton International at Orchard Road to start your journey in the luxury of Pomellato jewellery.

Another alluring thing in Singapore is the tax refund program that is done by the government which cooperates with many high-class world-known brands. This program enables tourists to get back the money that they have spent to pay the tax when they buy the products of the cooperating brands. Check out the information on this program before visiting Singapore to ensure you to get the fullest satisfactory from Singapore.

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