Punta Cana A Popular vacation Destination

Punta Cana is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean. This slice of paradise is found in the easternmost tip of The Dominican Republic. It is a region that is part of the Altagracia province, with a town of the same name. With an area of 1,100 acres, this region is part of the East Coast beach strip of the country, where some of the best white powdery sand and clear, warm waters are found. Also known as the coconut coast because of the hundreds of swaying coconut palms that dot its 30-mile coastline, the beauty of Punta Cana has got to be seen to be believed.

Your experience starts immediately at the Punta Cana International Airport. Drink in the warm sunshine and realize that you are 10-40 minutes from most of the hotels on the coast. There are other airports you can head for, but this is the best one in the area to fly to because of its location. If you’re coming from the country’s capital of Santo Domingo, the cheapest and most common way to get here is by commuter minibus.

Most of the Punta Cana area is made up of large, all-inclusive resorts and hotels, so it’s one-stop vacationing for most couples and families. Although most resorts cater more to this target market, explorers can still find more adventurous vacation options, such as 4×4 rentals for a drive out to see some mangroves, caves and private beaches. Toasting yourself under the sun with a cocktail in hand doesn’t have to be all you do here. There are a lot of activities, from horseback riding, to beach volleyball, to parasailing, for you to experience. If you’re out to party hearty, such as during spring break, the larger resorts are recommended, since they have more selections for nightlife entertainment. But beaches are still the number one reason to make Punta Cana your vacation destination of choice. Even dotted with all those hotels and resorts, most of the 30 miles of beach is open to the public, especially in the Cortecito, Bavaro and Cabeza de Toro areas, and the undeveloped Macao area to the north. Walking from hotel to hotel is an enjoyable activity you can enjoy that many enjoy when they are here.

Punta Cana In between the total rest and relaxation of lazing around on a sunchair outside your cabana, or careening around the area in a dune buggy or ATV, you can do the regular tourism thing and check out some of the natural and man-made attractions in the area.

The Marinarium or Dolphin Island offers you the chance to snorkel or just interact with sharks and rays in the former, and of course dolphins in the latter location. But if you want an eco-tourism slant to your enjoyment of the local flora and fauna, there’s the Punta Cana Ecological Reserve or the Manati Park Bavaro to consider. At the ecological reserve, you go on a guided tour through the tropical jungle, with an option for a cool, refreshing bath at a spring at the end. While at the park, there’s an exhibit of birds, reptiles and fish, with a horse and parrot show to boot.

Shopping in nearby towns or at the Palma Real Shopping Center in Bavaro should be the perfect way to cap your vacation, before your trip home.

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