Shopping For Diamond Watches in Singapore

Diamond watches are still the most preferred by the upper classes and although they are made mainly for women, new releases prove that it is possible to create beautiful diamond watches also for men. The best sellers of diamond watches are some of the most famous brands in the world. In Singapore you can get them all of course, only you need to know where to go in order to do so.

There are so many elite watch brands, which deal with quality diamond watches that all of them would be very hard to enlist. The top Swiss brands of course are all included, like Piaget, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Rolex, Omega, Longines, Jaeger LeCoultre, Ulysse Nardin, Audemars Piquet and we could go on. These brands do not all have brand stores in Singapore, but they are sold by some of the top retailers such as SINCERE Haute Horlogerie which deals with the top Swiss watches brands. The stores of Sincere are all around town you can fin them at the below featured places:

. Suntec City Mall
. Vivo City
. Marina Bay Sands – The newest and largest shopping mall of Singapore, an absolute luxury place
. The Shopping Gallery- Orchard Road
. Rolex Gallery- Hilton Singapore Hotel’s Shopping Gallery
. TAG Heuer by Sincere – at Marina Bay Sands
. Omega Boutique by Sincere – at Raffles Shopping Centre
. Longines Boutique by Sincere on Raffles Boulevard
. Tissot by Sincere on Raffles Boulevard
. Raymond Weil by Sincere on Raffles Boulevard
. Patek Philippe by Sincere at Hilton Singapore Hotel’s Shopping Gallery

Sincere takes care of such brands as Longines, Patek Phillippe, TAG Heuer, Raymond Weil, Omega, Rolex and lots of other brands too. For some brands, they also operate brands label stores, as you can see it above. You can be sure to find some of the most beautiful diamond watches in the stores of Sincere in Singapore. Other famous retailer taking care of luxury watches brands is the company called ” The Glass Hour” which deals with other top watches brands such as IWC, Ulysse Nardin, Audemars Piquet, Hublot and many other luxury watches. You can find the boutique of Glass Hour in the ION Orchard Shopping Mall, which is located on the Orchard Road as well. Of course there are other watches retailers where diamond watches can be found in large numbers, such as the Genéve Watches or in the boutique of the House of Time on the Orchard Rd. the stores of Cortina also offer some great quality diamond watches.

The kings of jewellery watches and as such also for diamond watches are two world famous companies Chopard and Cartier. They have a great extensive collection representing not only the amazing beauty of watch making but also the quality to match with the looks. You can find the stores of Cartier along Orchard Road and in most of Orchard’s shopping malls. The label store of Chopard has just opened in the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre last year. The famous and elegant Raffles Boulevard also houses several elite jewellery and watches stores as you can also see it above in the listings of Sincere jewelleries

Singapore is a wonderful and colourful city, which can offer the highest luxury and at the same time can offer the best bargain at other parts of the city. This makes Singapore highly attractive for tourists and makes it a real shoppers’ paradise. Enjoy your exploration of diamond watches here in the City of Wonders!

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