An Amazing Tourist Spot – Sosua

Sosua a small area located in the northern coast of Dominican Republic. So far, Sosua is considered by many as the most beautiful place in the Northern part of the island and in the Caribbean. It is abundant in stunning beaches, fine white sands, various luxurious hotels, and high-class restaurants. Sosua used to be a refuge for more than 600 European Jews who came to the Dominican Republic region to begin a new life. They have established a dairy industry that is renowned in the Caribbean which is still in running up to now. Moreover, Sosua is not actually a well-known tourist destination few decades ago. However, because of the booming tourism industry there are now a lot bars and shops lining the streets of Sosua.

The main attraction of Sosua is the pristine beaches that extend up to one-thousand miles. The sand that is sugar-colored, compliments the clear and turquoise blue water which is warm all year-round. Although the sun can be striking sometimes, coconut palms scattered in the white sands would give shade for your reading or relaxing pleasure. The wind differs depending on the place. There are some places in Sosua where the breeze is gentle enough to make fall into a nice slumber. There are also some areas in Sosua where the whole family may enjoy kite surfing.

Sosua offers various recreations so that your stay at the region can be more enjoyable. First time travelers to Sosua would not want to miss experiencing the thrill of scuba diving. The sights are amazing. There are unique marine species, incredible coral reefs and alike. Ship wrecks can also be found under the waters of Sosua. Most resorts also offer other thrilling water activities such as a twenty-minute banana boat ride which is good for a group of six or more, jetski rentals, kite boarding, and windsurfing. Because of the excellent weather condition at some areas of Sosua, windsurfing events and kit boarding competitions are held annually in this region.

Because of the vast landscapes with a great view of the Caribbean’s finest, many have decided to build and design their own golf course here in Sosua. This includes designer legends such as the infamous Robert Trent Jones, Nick Faldo, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Tom Fazio to name a few. Because of the picture perfect view and an excellent weather, even the former presidents of the most powerful country such as George H. Bush and Bill Clinton, used to go here to spend some time away from the world of politics. There’s no need to pack your golf clubs since the amenities are already prepared just for you. If you are just an amateur but willing to learn how to play the sport, there are professional golfers that may teach you the right lessons, strategies and give you tips on how to play golf.

Sosua has a very enticing nightlife. There are saucy nightclubs for those who wanted a lively nightlife and there are also fine dining restaurants for that romantic dinner you’ve been planning for you and your special someone.

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