The Kunene Region

The Kunene region, or sometimes known as Kaokoveld is one of the administrative regions of the country Namibia found in South Africa. The Namibia people are divided into different ethnic groups. The Himba ethnic group lives in the Kunene region. They are about 12,000 of the population. Although they are a just a minority group in the Kunene region, the Himba group is very much recognized in this region because of their abilities to survive in their unique environment. The Himba ethnic group is also noticeable in this region because of their physical appearances, especially the women. Their skin appears to be gleaming read because of the powder they apply to their bodies. The red powder comes from the ochre rocks that are found in this region.

The Kunene region is one of the most remote and undeveloped regions of the country Namibia. Although they have products that help them promote their regions to other countries. If you have planned for a Namibia travel adventure, you can visit the Kunene region. By bringing sugar, coffee, or tobacco, you will be able to receive pottery, jewelries, and leather works as exchange for these products.

The wildlife in the Kunene region is really diverse. Elephants are one of the most common animals that can be seen in the wilds of the Kunene region. If you want to have a good Namibia travel experience in the Kunene region, you can visit some of the safaris that this place has to offer. The Culture and Nature Safari is one of the safaris offered in the Kunene region. This is a 13 day tour of all the wonderful hotspots in Namibia. You can also try the 12 day Namibia Camping Safari. This safari will let you experience the Namibia travel desert experience. Camping in the wilds of the Kunene region will let you experience the life during the night, and will let you see some of the species around the region.

If you are looking for good accommodations in the Kunene region, there are many luxurious camps that you can stay in. These camps have great environments that you can surely enjoy during your holiday stay in the Kunene Region.

The Sera Cafema Camp is one of the places that you can stay in while in the Kunene region. This camp is located on the banks of the Kunene River. With this location, you will be able to see different species wondering near the river to drink water. The Sera Cafema Camp is a remote paradise in the Kunene region. Some of the exciting things that you can do in this camp are bird watching, boating in the river, game viewing, quad biking and many more. Other facilities such as swimming pool, river bar, and sunken lounge are also provided here. Some Himba people visit the camp sometimes to teach you about some of their traditions and lifestyle.

The Skeleton Coast Camp is another place that you can stay in when you are in the Kunene region. This is located in the southern part of the Atlantic coast. This place is very intimate and quiet so you can also enjoy staying in this place.

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