The Natural Beauty of Cabarete


The northern coast of Dominican Republic is divided into nine regions namely Monte Cristi, Cabrera, Luperon, Rio San Juan, Confresi, Sosua, Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata and Cabarete. Cabarete is a small town filled with several beach resorts. Although Cabarete does not have an airport of its own, the town is only few minutes away from the airport of Puerto Plata. This is not a town until the latter years of 1980’s. Cabarete is only considered as a vacation spot for most locals of Santiago and Moca. Before the 1980’s ended, a couple of foreign tourists discovered the wind condition in Cabarete Bay that is definitely perfect for windsurfing. After a few years, the town became a host for many international windsurfing and kite surfing competitions, for professionals and amateurs in the two mentioned water sports. Aside from kite surfing and wind surfing, there are more outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here in Cabarete. One may do canyoning, horseback riding, trail hiking, mountain biking and more. Of course, being a part of Dominican Republic, the town have stunning beaches that people of all ages would surely enjoy.

The climate in Cabarete is very predictable. It has a consistent wind year-round because of the sea breeze and trade winds. Starting from the month of February up to the month of August, the small cosmopolitan town of Cabarete has a perfect, stable wind every day. However, during the month of June, Cabarete can have a really strong wind. It is not advisable to wear hats and skirts but this is the perfect time to indulge in different wind-related sports activities.

Many foreigner from around the world is attracted by the natural beauty of Cabarete. Some only visit for a few days while others can’t bear to leave the town behind. Because of the diverse immigrants in Cabarete, it is considered as the most cosmopolitan little town located in the Western Hemisphere. They have learned to live and love the town like the country where they came from.

The clean aqua blue waters of the beaches in Cabarete is not just a home for water sports enthusiasts but for coral reefs as well. The sands, colored in sugary white, feels like flour when stepped on because of its fine texture. The shores of the resorts are dotted not only by tourists but villas for rent and huge palm trees that gives shade when the sun is striking hot. Cabarete is a definitely the place to be if you want to unwind and leave the noise of the modern city for a while.

The nightlife in Cabarete is very much alive. Most of the bars and restaurants have live music performances every night. There are various establishments playing different types of music such as jazz, balad, pop and more. There are also the so-called happy hours where most bars offer alcoholic drinks in a cheaper price. The famous local drinks of Cabarete includes Mama-Juana and Cuba libre. Party goers can stay until early morning since most of the establishments closes at 3 a.m.

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