Jewellery by Thomas Sabo in Singapore

Jewellery is one of important things people need in this modern world. Jewellery can be part of religion ceremony, wedding, and even just for fashion. Jewellery can be in form of many kinds. It can be formed as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, chains, or pendants. Most of its lovers are women. Jewellery also comes with many variations compared to the past. Jewellery has become one of the biggest influences to the world of fashion worldwide.

As one of the biggest shopping and tourism countries, Singapore provides its visitors with many facilities to look. One of its attractive sides of Singapore is the jewellers. The Singapore jewellers serve their customers with so many varieties of brands to choose. One of the brands which have become a well-known brand is Thomas Sabo Jewellery.

Thomas Sabo is a well-known Jewellery manufacture which concerns on the glamorous fashion of jewellery. The material of the Thomas Sabo jewellerey used is the sterling silver. This material fits perfectly to those who are looking for shiny jewellery though with affordable price. Besides the sterling silver material, Thomas Sabo Jewellery also gives another service to its products by giving the diamond accessories to set on the jewellery. The products of Thomas Sabo come with so many variations. The jewellery it makes are in form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, cufflinks, pendants, chains, and also cords. Unlike other jewellers, Thomas Sabo’s jewellery is not only plain jewellery. It provides the customers with variety of designs to choose. The designs can be suited by the customers personalities so will expose the true identity of the users.

Thomas Sabo’s jewellery comes with three different lines. Each line of course has different and uniqueness that worth it to see. Those lines are Rebel at Heart, Glam & Soul, and Special Addition. Here are some of brief explanations of each line and its jewellery. The first one is Rebel at Heart. This jewellery line concerns mostly in the rebellious attitude fashion with special expressiveness. The material used for this jewellery is the blackened sterling silver. The designs of this line are mostly the realistic designs such as skull, dragon, and some others symbols which fits to those who are looking for unique and artistic designs on their jewellery. This line comes with nine kinds of jewellery. They are pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, cufflinks, chains, cords, and carriers. With the beauty and details designs such as dragons, snakes, violas, anchors, fleur de lis, and so on combines with the blackened silver makes this line fits to those who have rebellious attitude yet fashionable. For those who love football, especially FC Bayern Munchen, this line also provides the FC Bayern Munchen Jewellery. The next one is the Glam & Soul line. This line, as its name, glam, concerns for those who seek for glamorous jewellery to wear. This line is perfectly fit for especially women.

With superb and best quality designs combined with sterling silver and some gems for accessories make this jewellery suitable for women’s taste. It comes with eight types of jewellery. Those are bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, chains, cords, and carriers. Since it concerns more on women’s tastes, the designs of the jewellery are more girly than manly. The designs are usually related to the angelic themes such as angel’s wings, feather, angel’s wings shape on key; others than that are starfish, heart with a gemstones on the middle of it, peace symbols, and also round shape necklaces with some gems in it. Besides that, there is also alphabetic pendant to represent your initial letter of your name.

The last one is the Special Addition Jewellery. Unlike the previous two lines jewellery, the special addition is not only using sterling silver for its jewellery materials, but also yellow and rose gold for the materials. This line comes with seven kinds the same as the other lines. The designs of the special edition are more like ornaments and plain cut disk of a certain stone. There are also the favorite designs such as hearts, keys, or cross. The uniqueness of this line is that you can make your own designs and combination of the jewellery through online demand.

Thomas Sabo’s jewellery has been spread out to all over the world. It can be easily found in some countries. In Singapore, you can find this jewellery’s official stores in four areas there. You can find it along ION Orchard, c/o Takashiyama Singapore Ltd, Raffles City Shopping Centre, and along the stores in Marina Bay Sands. All the stores open from 10.00 up to 21.30. However, the Thomas Sabo’ store in Marina Bay Sands open from 10.00-23.00 on Monday to Thursday and 10.00-24.00 on Friday and Saturday.

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