TianPo Jewellery in Singapore

For some people, having best jewellery will not enough. Most of jewellery collectors will seek more and more new types of jewellery that will make their collection increasing. As the time passes, the model and designs of jewellery change. The newest jewellery sell are mostly have new involvement such as the new kinds of set attached on it. The variety of stones and gems will make the jewellery more and more attractive to its lovers. The gemstones and material used for the newest jewellery are usually diamonds, pearls, and other stones.

As Singapore becomes the biggest shopping country in Asia, it of course provides the new model of jewellery with some new gems as the set to please its shopaholic visitors. In Singapore itself, there are a lot of jewellery retails that provide the customers with many kinds of jewellery from many brands to choose. One of the good jewellery retails is TianPo. This jewellery retails store known as the good retailers for best quality jewellery brands.

TianPo is one of the best jewellers in the world. It was founded in 1965. At the first time, TianPo started the retail for handicrafts and souvenirs until in 1980 it moved on to the jewellery industry. This jeweller sells the best quality of well-known jewellery brands from some of jewellery manufactures. The TianPo’s collections are changing every season that makes the customers have many options of purchasing jewellery according to the trend happens in every seasons. With the variety of collections, customers can always get the up to date version of the jewellery that will please the jewellery collection to complete their needs in seasonal jewellery collections. TianPo is a retailer of jewellery from famous brands of jewellery. The brands sold in TianPo are coming from three famous jewellery brands i.e. Heart on Fire, Yvel, and Marco Bicego. Each of the brands of course has its own uniqueness that makes it worth it to purchase. Here are some explanations of the brands as the references in buying jewellery in TianPo.

The first brand is Heart on Fire, which concerns more on the diamond jewellery. The diamond of Heart on Fire is different from the other diamond jewellery since they use the very best quality diamond. The Heart on Fire diamonds all boast a perfect ring of eight hearts on the bottom and a perfectly formed, symmetrical fireburst on the top. There are two types of diamond of the Heart on Fire diamonds. They are round and square shape diamonds with fair and symmetrically cut which makes the diamond shining. The product will include the certificate of the originality and the diamond’s grade so that you will know what quality the diamond you purchase. The Heart on Fire products are in form of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The materials used are white and yellow gold. This brand’s products are perfectly fit to special events such as wedding jewellery or engagement ring.

The next one is Yvel Jewellery. This brand concerns on the pearl jewellery. The Yvel’s pearl jewellery is combined with 18k yellow, white, or rose gold and set with white or natural cognac diamonds. All of the Yvel’s collection can be recognized by their free form designs, where the pearls take the center stage, the gold and diamonds enhancing their beauty. The jewellery takes bold form and intricate constructions, such as collars and matching bracelets with graduated pearls layered around them. Its collections are Biwa, Pastel, Golden Brown, Rainbow, Pave, and One of a Kind. As the yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold as its materials and pearl and diamond as their set make this brand worth it to invest your money on. The brand’s jewellery consists of necklace, bracelets, earrings, and rings for each of Yvel’s collection.

The last brand TianPo serves is Marco Bicego. Marco Bicego jewellery is an Italian Jeweller which made high quality handmade jewellery with variety designs. It is a family business whose specialty in hand-crafting jewellery. It has produced many best quality jewellery products with using twisted coil technique in making their jewellery. The material used for the Marco Bicego jewellery is the yellow gold. With the combination of yellow gold, beautiful gemstones, and the twisting coil technique makes the Marco Bicego’s jewellery product are worth it to purchase for those who seek vintage and beauty in fashion.

It is easy to find the TianPo’s retails stores in Singapore. There are eight TianPo’s Showrooms nationwide. You can find it at Center point on Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands’ stores area, Tampines Central, Park Road Complex, nex @ Serangoon Central, Woodlands Square, Holland Village, and West Mall.

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