Bracelets by Tiffany in Singapore

Tiffany & Co or also known as T & CO was established in 1837 in New York City and since then the brand brought forward the world’s greatest designs. Through the Japanesque silver, Tiffany won an honor at Paris World Exposition. Following the changing of the designers, Tiffany’s collections has passed the bound of time until today. The glamor of Tiffany has enchanted people throughout the world, even the first ladies, renowned photographers, and tastemakers think that Tiffany is the ultimate fashion jewelry. The elegance of the materials that are used to compound a piece of accessory makes the wearer looks adorable on the red carpet.

Knowing the popularity of this brand, no single person would wonder why this amazing brand was commissioned to create the White House china as the gifts for those who visited or as the jewelry for the First Ladies. Also, in its over 170 years dedication Tiffany had an important role during the Civil War because it produced the ceremonial swords, and moreover, it redesigned the Great Seal of the US. The redesign can be seen in the dollar bill.

Tiffany not only produced luxurious sport trophies such as the first world championship baseball trophy and the World Series Trophy, but it also produced the unexpected miniature silver horse carriage as the request from a circus showman in 1868. This miniature was given as the wedding gift for the 2’11” General Tom Thumb. Another unique item produced by Tiffany was the gold parasol handle with watch on it in 1889. No one ever think of Tiffany’s producing items like these unique ones, right? Moreover, Tiffany has just produced its baby’s first Tiffany Christmas. Why don’t you think of giving the best treatment for your precious baby?

With Tiffany, there is a moment that will make a woman feels amazed and special at the same time is when Mr. Right takes a Blue Box out of his pocket, because this Blue Box is not the common one but the Tiffany Blue Box that is produced specially for Tiffany’s collection. Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany & Co had mandated that this brand should have its own special box to package the beautiful charming collections. This Tiffany Blue Box, as reported once, can only be gotten by someone who buys a Tiffany accessory. Indeed, whenever it is shown, this special elegant exclusive box can make a woman’s heart beats faster.

One amazing collection that might appear from the inside of the Blue Box is Tiffany’s bracelet. The bracelets of Tiffany are made of various materials, such as gold, silver, platinum, lacquer and even the famous Rubedo metal.All of these materials are already based on the standard of purity that is pioneered by Tiffany. And based on the standard, Tiffany’s materials are always be the leader. So, do not be afraid of getting a cheap Tiffany bracelet with low quality, because this brand only produces the best bracelet for you.

Following the development of taste of women in the world, Tiffany also puts bangles bracelet and charm bracelet in the collection of Tiffany bracelet. And considering that not only actresses, noblewomen and rich women who want to be beautiful and love its collection, the bracelet’s price ranges from $100. It is a very affordable price for the priceless beauty in your wrist, isn’t it?

Since it has been very very well-known in all over the world, Singapore, the city of Merlion that brings beauty as one important element, has owned many branches of Tiffany & Co. Do not get hesitate to visit Singapore for an easy access to the Tiffany’s collection since the official shops exist everywhere. You can find it at Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road, Raffles Hotel at North Bridge Road, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Changi Airport and Tiffany & Co at DFS Galleria Scottswalk. You can buy the rectangle link men’s bracelet made of silver or gold for $450 as the Christmas gift for your beloved husband. You can also propose to Mr. Right the Tiffany infinity bracelet wrapped in 18k gold for only $500. Little bit luxury for a warm Christmas holiday is never wrong.

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