When Travel To The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic possesses a typical and tropical like weather and climate all year round which makes it one of the most ideal Caribbean holiday locations. This means that the climate conditions all over the Dominican Republic is consistently sunny and warm nearly all year round.

Being a maritime and tropical nation, the wet season in the Dominican Republic usually starts from the months of May until November with periodic visitation of hurricanes around june and november. This rainy season are not considered to come in the whole period, in between hurricanes and tropical storms the sun shines and provides a warm climate in long stretches of time in betweens.

Most of the rains make landfalls in the eastern and northern regions of the Dominican Republic and it provides and annual rainfall average of 1,346 mm with 2,500mm highs in the Northeastern part and 500 mm in the western part of the country. Annual temperature averages ranges from 25 degrees celsius on the low lying plains and about 21 degrees celsius in the surrounding mountainside. The average annual temperature in the capital city of Santo Domingo is 25 degrees celsius in the month of january and 30 degrees celsius in the month of july.

The driest part of the country is located on the western part of the Dominican Republic. Cooler and less humidity temperatures are experienced between the months of november to april while on the mountainside part of the country provides a much cooler weather condition than the other parts of the country.

Hurricanes visits the nation but only on average of once in every a couple of years unlike other Caribbean nations which were battered by hurricanes each year, Dominican Republic tends to avoid hurricanes most of the time. Tourists usually visits the Dominican Republic during the months between december until April, when most of people from North America and Europe decides to take a break from the winter season in their respective countries thus ending up to enjoy the warm and sunny climate conditions of the Dominican Republic.

WeatherOver all the Dominican Republic enjoys a really beautiful climate and tropical weather throughout the year with only a slight participation of short bursts of rainy days, few tropical storms and a hurricane in every two years. This makes the Dominican Republic an ideal holiday destination for those who want to enjoy the sun and the beautiful beaches of the country as well.

The ideal weather in the Dominican Republic has made a lot of travelers referring to the weather condition in this country as the “endless summer” due mainly to its ideal and perfect sunny and warm conditions that can be experienced by travelers all around the country throughout the whole year.

Storms may arrive during the rainy season but most of the time it is short lived and after each storm the sun will make its appearance sooner than expected thus transforming it back to a warm weather condition.

Visitors are guaranteed long moments of blue skies and sunshine at all times in this great Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic and is just one of the factors that makes this nation an ideal holiday destination.

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