Where To Buy Love Bracelets in Singapore?

“Nobody can live without love” is a quotation that is well-known everywhere. This quotation exists because love is a special feeling that is difficult to describe. Thus, many people try to give presents to those whom they love to show their feeling. This tradition is realized by many accessory stores and they transform this feeling into their collection. This feeling, then, is made into Love Bracelet. First love bracelet is designed by Aldo Cipullo from Cartier. The first gold love bracelet has Cartier and Aldo Cipullo’shallmarks, and was made using locking mechanism that made it became an endless circle and symbolizes commitment of the pure love, exactly alluded its name “Love Bracelet” with “Ɵ” (meaning “endless”) changing the “o” in the word “Love”. The locking mechanism without the special screwdriver allows the bracelet to be “locked” on the wearer only.

Nowadays, there are so many designs of love bracelet, and not only is it provided by Cartier but also by the other accessory stores. As for Cartier, the locking mechanism also exists in some other designs of love bracelet but it is already available in rose gold, white gold and platinum and with some decorations on it. Moreover, Cartier produces the love charity bracelet that is made by silk cord and two rings that interlocks each other and also another love bracelet made of brown cord with three rings on it.

The other designs of love bracelet which are not made by Cartier are various. For Tiffany’s collection, there is a silver chain bracelet that uses the a lock bearing the word “love” as the pendant which is also used to lock each end of the chain. There are also chain bracelet that uses heart clasp, endless circle bracelet with heart-shaped knot bead, the charm bracelet with heart pendant, and many other designs. The other accessory stores also provide love bracelets, such as the charm bracelet with the letters L-O-V-E as the pendants, the bracelet with blinking LOVE word, the magnetic titanium bracelet with the heart-shaped decoration, the silver love bangle with buckle, the cord bracelet with two hearts as the clasp, and many other kinds of love bracelets.

For you who consider to buy a love bracelet for your ownself or as a gift on Valentine Day, make sure of the authenticity of the bracelets that you are going to buy. As for the example, Charles Revson who is the founder of Revlon and Ultima decided to create the imitation of Cartier’s love bracelet with the permission from Cartier. This was done considering that many people might not be able to afford the original gold one. The imitation was made of goldplate instead of the solid gold and only have one screw instead of two, moreover the authentic diamond used in Cartier’s love bracelet have D color diamonds only. If you do not know so much about diamond or are not sure whether the one that you have seen is authentic or not, you can just buy it at Cartier. Indeed, the authentic one is much more expensive than the imitation one, but since “expensive” is subjective, you might get the imitation one with very expensive price if you are not aware.

Getting into Cartier or Tiffany’s official stores is not difficult since they are everywhere around the world. Eventhough the headquarter of Cartier is in Paris and Tiffany’s is in New York, their stores have already existed in Southeast Asia too. In Singapore, the Asian country that has the third highest income per capita in the world, you can find Cartier in Boutique Cartier at UOB ATM – Tang Plaza, at Orchard Road and another in DFS Galleria Scottswalk lvl. 3 at Scotts Road. While Tiffany can be found at Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road, Raffles Hotel at North Bridge Road, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Changi Airport and Tiffany & Co at DFS Galleria Scottswalk. You can even compare the design and the price between these two stores since they both exist in DFS Galleria Scottswalk. Plus, if you buy the authentic collection of them, you can have them polish your lovely bracelet every once a year or even repair it there.

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