Exclusive Chopard Jewellery in Singapore

People nowadays always look for perfection in all aspects of life. Perfection is a must when it comes to work, dress, house, family, or even jewellery and watches. Perfection, punctuation, beauty, and style are now a lifestyle. Many people search for those criteria in all things in life. When it comes to fashion, those criteria become a condition before someone is deciding to buy some precious fashionable things like jewellery and watches. How can we get so many criteria in one stuff? Maybe Chopard jewellery has the right answer for you. If you are looking for a high-quality yet stylish jewellery and watches, this old and well-known company has all the things you need. This company started its trade in 1860 and founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard. It is a Swiss-based jewellery, watch, and accessories company. At first, the company concentrated its manufacturer in making precise chronometers and the pocket watch. This company has earned its big and famous name for their precision watches which are made by their expert jewellers. The company is the main suppliers for the Swiss Railway, for you know that Swiss Railway is very famous for their punctuality. This makes the watches of this company reckoned in all over the world.

The Chopard jewellery brand is known for its excellence in manufacturing the best jewellery and luxury watches. They have their unique and exquisite work with diamonds and various gemstones that make the products look amazing, their professional jewellers also ensure that you will get the best quality from their products. This company produces jewellery, watch, and other luxury accessories, but it is very well known for their fashionable and precise jewellery watches. The company presents you with various collections of jewellery watches from quartz watch, mechanical watch, and presented to you in classic models, sports and also the complicated models. The famous Chopard jewellery watch collections can be seen through some of the collections such as Happy Diamonds, Happy Sport, Happy Spirit, L.U.C., Millie Miglia, Las Strada, Your Houre, Elton John Collections, and also Classiques. The Happy Diamonds watches featured the diamonds that are floated between sapphire crystals which are placed on the dial of the watch. The L.U.C. watch is a tribute to their founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard, and this collection is a really unique masterpiece of art. The Elton John watch collections are using 18k of gold, these collections describe Elton John’s joyful personality and also this watch is his support for the AIDS foundation. Chopard jewellery collections can be seen in some of their collections such as the Red Carpet and the Disney cartoon jewellery. The Red Carpet jewellery collection is a tribute to the marvelous Marilyn Monroe which is a complete set of jewellery which is made from 18k of white gold and heart-shaped diamond.

Unlike any others jewellers and watchmakers who used one kind of stones or metal in a piece of jewellery, Chopard makes its jewellery and watches a very rare and unique collection with the combinations of gemstones such as quartz, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and diamond in one piece of jewellery. That makes their jewellery and watch worth pursuing for all jewellery lovers all over the world. Besides the Elton John collections, the company also has many concerns for the environment. It is shown by their WWF collection of wildlife which is inspired by more than 150 species of animal in many pieces of jewellery collections for supporting WWF’s Tiger Initiative. The company also becomes a member of the Responsible jewellery Council to show their responsibility to ethical social environmental, and human rights practices.

As a big and well-known jewellery and watch company, Chopard has been improving their service for all of their customers all over the world. The company now has over 90 brand stores all over the world. In Singapore, there are 16 branch stores of their products that you can choose. They are in Ngee Ann City, the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, DFS Galleria Scottswalk, Resort World Sentosa, and Changi International Airport. You can choose your own jewellery and watches while enjoying your vacation in Singapore, the shopping paradise. If you are a very busy person and you don’t have time to go to their stores, the company provides you with their online shopping service for you who wants to purchase their jewellery online.

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