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For some people, having vacation in Singapore is a something. Besides giving such best facilities and tourism places to visit, Singapore has become the center of shopping country in Asia. These reasons make many people want to visit this island country to spend their vacation in there. This also happens to the people who love to shop in over the world. For those who love to shop, if they are in Singapore, they must not miss the chance to purchase Singapore crafted jewellery. Jewellery, in these modern days, has become one of important part for people’s daily fashion needs. With beautiful and luxurious designs, jewellery nowadays has become one of people’s needs, especially for the jewellery shopaholic. With many jewellers in Singapore, besides becomes the biggest and number one shopping area in Asia, Singapore also becomes the most jewellery shopping center in Asia, mostly, South East Asia. This is also becoming the main reason of jewellery collectors to spend their money to purchase those such beautiful and shiny jewellery as their collections. One of the jeweller which is famous among the jewellery collectors is Goldheart jewellers.

Goldheart is one of the most famous jewellers in Singapore. Designed by talented artisans, makes Goldheart marked as the brilliant quality jewellery products. It also becomes the pioneer in making the white gold and platinum jewellery mainstream in jewellery market. It is also being the first and leading bridal jewellery to introduce the concept of wedding band in Singapore. In making their jewellery, Goldheart not only created its jewellery by talented artisans, it also used intimate understanding of woman’s psyche so that it will be suitable to the user. This jeweller concerns more to the women’s character by always reinventing and refining their jewellery to make it suitable for this unique breed of women. Its jewellery products are stylish with much richness in it.

The Goldheart Jeweller has three types of collection, they are Ascente, Celestial, and Wedding. Here is some explanation of the collections that makes them worth it to purchase. The first one is Ascente. Ascente is created for those who seek of elegance and perfection of jewellery. Designs with elegance, confidence, and grace, Ascente will make its wearer looks elegant. Its diamond is also unique. It is crafted to look like an emerald shape gems that will look more elegant. By the cut, Ascente gives the customers the best diamond cut ever made. By the hand of world-class master diamond cutters, this collection has the maximum brilliance and scintillation to its diamond with the additional tapered cuts at its edge to make perfect result. In term of clarity, Ascente’s jewellery clarity is being on the VS1/VS2 (Very Slightly Included) up to the highest category of clarity which is FL/IF (Flawless/Internally Flawless). In term of colour, Ascente’s diamonds are in category of G to D which means from Near Colourless to Colourless. In term of carat, Ascente has for about 0.3 carats for the diamond it set. And all of the Ascente’s jewellery collection are certified by GIA- one of the world’s largest and trusted names in gemological research.

Another collection is Celestial. Celestial is the original design of Goldheart to win the jewellery market in the world. Celestial is an exclusive collection that possesses a starburst cut that scintillates with supreme luminosity. If we view from the top with diamond scope, the Celestial collection has a spectacular 8-pointed starburst pattern that creates more reflective and make it be the best cut jewellery gems. The celestial becomes the most maximize cut without losing its symmetrical and proportionate unlike the ordinary diamonds which will lose their symmetrical due to the maximum cuts. Just like any other Goldheart Jeweller’s collections, Celestial’s diamond is also certified by GIA and it also comes with full guarantee for their collections. It has one unique design from all the products it in. it has snowflake’s motives either on its rings or necklaces products.

The last one is Wedding collection. As it is said, this collection concern of course in term of wedding rings. The most wanted items in this collection are the diamond ones. However, besides the diamond as the set of the rings, also another gem is used in collection. That gem is blue sapphire gem. With its pure blue colour makes this kind of wedding ring interesting the customers.

The Goldheart Jeweller now has 1 goldheart jewel galleria, 2 goldheart jewel Atria, 1 Goldheart Lucente, and also 22 Jewellery boutique located at all major shopping malls in Singapore such as Orchard ION, 313@SOMERSET, Changi Airport, Hougang Mall, and Marina Square.

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