How To Choose a Kid’s Watch in Singapore

Children’s watches are getting more and more popular for sure, ever since Disney, Barbie watches have started to gain attention in the watch stores. Singapore is of course no exception from that and therefore you will find several great brands of children’s watches out of which we would like to represent you with a few of the best brands and we will also let you know where you can find these cute and useful watches.

The first brand we must mention is the Flik Flak that deals with specifically children’s watches and they are part of the Swiss Swatch Group. You can see the effect of Swatch in the great designs of Flik Flak children watches. These watches you can get in as many variations as you would like to. There are about a hundred different sorts of Flik Flak children watches, some of which represent fantasy playful motives and others representing famous cartoon figures such as the Disney collection that you can buy with Fairies, Cars and in many-many variations more. There are of course specific watches for little boys and for little girls. In addition, Flik Flak has a great social conscience with trying to make their watches so, that the children can easily learn to see what time it is. On the website of Flik Flak, there is also a great program for children to learn how to tell the time. Flik Flak’s watches are extremely popular all around the world and they have their own label stores in Singapore on the following places:

. Bugis Junction Shopping Mall: this shopping mall is famous for the great variety of watches
. Junction 8
. Plaza Singapura
. The Heeren which is a very elegant Shopping Mall along the famous shopping street the Orchard Road
. Raffles City : the huge shopping mall near Raffles place by the Marina Bay is one of the top popular shopping malls of Singapore
. Suntec City : The shopping mall is among the most popular shopping malls also because of its huge waterfall which is among the biggest in the world

Flik Flak watches, apart from looking good are great children’s watches because they are extremely water resistant and also shock resistant so this way they don’t easily get in trouble when worn by children.

The 3 main lines of Flik Flak children’s watches are the following:
. Flik Flak Full Size: for children above 8 years of age
. Flik Flak Pre School : For children between 6 to 7 years of age
. Flik Flak cute size: From 3 to 5 years old, these are the smallest watches of Flik Flak with lots of help for the children to learn how to tell what time it is.

If you choose to visit one of the Flik Flak stores in Singapore, you will see that there is absolutely no need to look up any other children’s watches because you will find no better and not any collections, which would be more colourful than of the collections of Flik Flak children’s watches. Although Singapore has a huge market of watches, this brand has really proved to be among the very best on every level.

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