Kim Guan Jewellery in Singapore

Not so long after its establishment in 1992, the quality of Kim Guan jewellery has attracted the attention of worldwide people. The recognition of this brand has been given to this jeweller for the trust, quality, and sincerity that all the staff has built since its first launch. What makes people trust this jeweller?

Kim Guan has complete collections of jewellery that can beautify you from the top to the toe because it consists of pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets. The product which has its headquarter in Singapore, even has the collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. All of the jewels are made smoothly and neatly.

Decided to have any of the collection? Try to dig it in the stack of luxury at Kim Guan shops in City Square Mall at Kitchener Road. The shop provides the complete and latest collection. Besides, you can also customize your own jewellery. Kim Guan understands that jewellery is an expensive thing that should be made special for the wearer him/herself, therefore they provide this service to make sure that every purchased thing from this shop will be special for the buyer. Thus, you can create the design for the jewellery that you will use by yourself or be given to people who are special to you.

As a jeweller that has been working in this industry for more than 10 years, Kim Guan already prepares the shop with the complete materials and the equipments that will be used to produce one simple jewellery. This makes the designer, yourself, free to create creatively. You can choose to make a pair of gold rings which is decorated with small diamonds with the laser inscriptions as your wedding bands, or maybe you are interested in wearing a white gold ring which is surrounded with beautiful brilliant diamonds. Well, some people might choose to have a ring with one big diamond that is cut in solitaire shape instead. However, you can also design not only rings, but also the other kinds of jewellery. Maybe creating the design for a set of jewellery will also be a good idea for an anniversary gift, right?

Moreover, not only does this jeweller provides complete materials and equipments, it also provides friendly and helpful staff that will delightfully help you in translating your idea into the real jewellery. Realizing a dream is always a pleasing thing, isn’t it? Do not wait for any longer, visit the shop and start to communicate your dreamt jewellery.

Besides the jewellery that is created by the customer, almost every week Kim Guan launches new jewellery for its collection. Sometimes, the latest jewellery is inspired by the former collection. By doing this, the designs of the old collection can stay endless in everyone’s mind. Kim Guan loves to create jewellery using white gold. This white gold is processed neatly by shaping it into flower, butterfly, clover, heart, and any other beautiful small arts. After making the basic form, adding diamonds and other precious stones will be the next step. The diamonds and stones are not just put as it is, but will be cut smoothly into some kinds of shape. Thus, although the basic materials are the same as the other jewellers’ products, the designs make it completely unique and special. Another shop of Kim Guan which is also well known as a goldsmith is at Woodlands Road at Ten Mile Junction. This and the other shop written above will persuade you more to come to Singapore. Plus, you can experience many great things in this beautiful city. Besides shopping, Singapore organizes many events monthly, or even weekly. People with different hobbies will be satisfied with the events held because the events touch the art, fashion, history, literature, and even sport.

Moreover, there are so many attractions that will increase your adrenaline too. These attractions are your best choice to spend quality time with your family and friends because they are provided with no limit of age. Enjoy the freshness of water in the water parks or the rush of adrenaline in adventurous attractions or the miracle of God through the animals in marine parks of river safari. These attractions will prolong your life with happiness, while the fine jewellery will enhance the beauty of you.

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