Necklaces Made of Titanium

Titanium is getting very popular in the world of jewellery making. This is due to its unique colour and characteristics and to the fact that many people turn out to be allergic both to gold and to white gold. Titanium nowadays is widely used for the making high quality jewellery. Let us see what we can find in Singapore when we are looking for high quality titanium necklace sets and other titanium jewellery, and let us learn a bit about Titanium.

Titanium is a unique metal widely used by several industries and for multiple reasons, which include the making of tools, parts, medical tools, jewellery and prosthesis. Titanium being much lighter than other metals, being biocompatible with the body, being non-corrosive and hypoallergenic, has made Titanium to stand out from the rest of the metals. Titanium is also used in the form of alloy for creating a harder sort of 24K gold jewellery that makes these items actually wearable, which is almost impossible, when talking about the pure 24k form. Titanium has quite a unique shade or metallic grey that has first made the metal used for the making of male jewellery. Then its usage has grown out to become general in terms of female jewellery as well. Although most classic jewellery brands are just coming to implement Titanium jewellery in their collection, there are specialised jewellers who offer only Titanium jewellery. Titanium necklace creations are diverse depending on their initial reason of use. First, we mean the creation of classic necklace, on the other hand, Titanium is said to have specific positive effects on the body, which also pair up with the increased energy levels in the body.

Therefore, specific homeopathic and sport items have been created by Titanium and sold by specific brands. In Singapore, the brand Phiten is the most popular from this aspect and Phiten sells Titanium necklace creations, specifically for those who do sports or for those who simply want to enjoy the positive effects of Titanium. Phiten has over 10 stores in Singapore and further dozens in Japan. The brand offers titanium necklace, rings and bracelets. Although Phiten mainly concentrates on the sporty style necklaces where titanium is hidden in rubber, yet recently they have come out with a trendier collection for women, which represent elegant forms and titanium in its original form. The brand swears on the refreshing and stress relieving effects of its titanium jewellery. Apart from sports jewellery, Phiten also offers supporters that are made with the inclusion of Titanium. The main brand stores of Phiten can be seen at Tampines, Takashiyama, Marina Square and Tang’s Orchard shopping malls among others.

In Singapore, there is so much more to Titanium jewellery than Phiten. You can buy titanium necklace sets or other different jewellery in this huge city at several other jewellers and even online. Exquisite Titanium Singapore offers a great variety of Titanium rings. In addition, many Hong Kong jewellers with titanium collections have their showrooms in the shopping malls of Singapore. If you look for Titanium necklace creations in the city, check out ION Orchard, Suntec City Mall, Funan Digital Mall, Marina Bay or Takashiyama malls.

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