The Luxurious Jewellery World of Piaget

Jewellery is always evolving from years to years, both in design and in the materials that are used. Nowadays, there are so many brand names launching jewellery in a very good design, pattern and color. Piaget is one of jewellery companies and it has its own uniqueness distinctiveness in producing jewellery. There are so many collections here that you would like to have. However, before knowing what is in the collections, it would be better to know its history first.

Piaget was first started in La Cote-aux Fees, Swiss by Georges Edouard Piaget in his family farm. He worked with passion. At that time, he promised to himself that he would make his business developed and it was true when his name became famous around Neuchatel. His work was favored by many people and as a result, the emergence of a lot of demand must be met. That was the first time when his jewellery was favored and appreciated by many people.

In 1911, his business was taken over by his own son, Timothee Piaget. He is similar to his father in case of realizing quality and success through the jewellery. At that time, the company had not patented yet its brand name and in 1943, the brand was registered. After registering the brand, the company started to produce and launch its luxurious watches which were signed and sold under the company’s name.

Georges’s grandsons, Gerald and Valentin Pilaget continued his business by introducing the products and expanding the networks abroad. In 1957, Piaget did something new which was known as Ultra-thin revolution. In this era, the company started to make a unique design and build the ultra-thin movement which was known as its “sign” or “mark”. At that time, the company used ultra-thin hand-wound Calibre 9P and its thickness was only 2mm. Then, in 1960, it used the Calibre 12P and its thickness was only 2.3 mm. Those materials were used to create luxurious watches but not jewellery.

Piaget continues to expand its business and always makes innovation. It can be seen through its jewellery collections. Here, there are collections for possession, wedding, Piaget hearts, limelight, Piaget rose, Magic gardens of Piaget, creative collection and for men. The first collection, Possession, tells about love among the couples and the story is reflected through these jewelries. Pendant G33P0072 is made from white gold and diamonds. It shows or symbolizes a love through the couple and this is a pendant a woman really must have. Earrings G38P6900 is made from 18K white gold and diamonds and they show a feminine side of a woman. Pendant G33P0078 is made from 18K white gold and brilliant-cut diamond. It shows your uniqueness within yourself. Bracelet G36P9100 is made from 18K white gold and 3 brilliant-cut diamonds. Once you wear it, you will feel that this pendant exudes your sensual side.

Another jewellery collection from Piaget is the collection for wedding. In this collection, we can find many kinds of wedding rings which have meanings each. As a ring for woman, it is made in luxurious, elegance design and character and as a ring for man; it was made in really good design which exudes a strength and seriousness of a man. Piaget rose engagement ring G34UR300 is made from platinum and brilliant-cut diamonds which gives an illusion of a real rose. Engagement ring G34LK700 is made from platinum and a brilliant-cut diamond which shows the sweetness of engagement.

The company is already known around the world and in Singapore, you will see that there are two boutiques and several authorized retailers. The first Piaget boutiques is located at B1-35 The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands 2 Bayfront Avenue 018970 Singapore ((65) 66887373) and the second Piaget boutique is located at 391 Orchard Road #01 – 11, Ngee Ann City Tower B 238874 Singapore ((65) 67326831).

So, if you want to propose your girlfriend, you can buy an engagement ring from the collection and amuse her with your love. You can buy jewellery also as a gift for your family or your relatives. Grab them right now to make your performance looks perfect and elegance. Once you arrive in Singapore, do not forget to visit their boutiques to find the one you love.

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