Mozambique is situated in Southeastern Africa and the nation is bordered by Tanzania, Indian Ocean, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Swaziland. Maputo is the capital of Mozambique and the nation is one among the underdeveloped and poverty stricken countries in the world. The region is inhabited by Bantu-speaking people between first and fifth AD. The Portuguese colonized the country in the year 1505 and the country gained independence from Portugal in the year 1975. After some time, the nation became People’s Republic of Mozambique. The nation faced a violent and lengthy civil war from 1977-1922.


Mozambique is a democratic country and based on 1990 constitution. Executive power is vested on President, Prime Minister as well as Council of Ministers. Judicial system is taken care by Supreme Power as well as municipal, district and provincial courts. The present day economy of Mozambique is highly potential as the country is blessed with rich natural resources. The economy of the country is based on agriculture that provides employment to 80% of the population. The tourism sector of the country is growing and the poverty of the country is successfully managed by massive international debt relief, investments made on human capital and sound economic management.


Population of Mozambique is 22,894,000 and 45% of the population are living in Nampula and Zambezia.  Macua is the dominant group in northern part, Shona and Sena are the ethnic groups dominant in Zambezi valley and Shangaan is the ethnic group dominates southern Mozambique. Other ethnic groups are Swahili, Yao, Tonga, Chopi, Makonde and Nguni. The official language of the country is Portuguese spoken by 50.3% people. Other languages spoken are Bantu-group of languages, Swahili, Kimwani, Makonde, Yao, Shona, Zulu and Swazi. Nearly 50% of the total population is Christians and remaining consists of Protestants, Muslims, other beliefs and non-believers.


Mozambique offers the tourists exciting holidays and adventurous trips.  Bazaruto Archipelago is an island resort which consists of marine reserve park suitable for diving. The archipelago consists of five islands and is known as Pearl of Indian Ocean. Cahora Bassa is a dam situated in River Zambezi used to generate hydroelectric power. River Zambezi is an artificial lake where you can enjoy boating and fishing. Gorongosa National Park offers several wildlife species to the tourists. Quirimbas Islands is a group of thirty islands with excellent scenic views and islands have diving sites which are considered among the best in the world.


Ilha de Mozambique is another island that consists of historical sites, fort and museum. Tourists can enjoy boat trips, sunbathing and diving in the island. National Art Museum has good Mozambican art collection which includes the canvases of world famous Malangatana. Maputo, the capital city is a romantic and beautiful coastal town with extravagant Portuguese architecture. Some of the tourist spots in Maputo are Jardim Tunduru, Maputo Elephant Reserve, Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception, The Iron House, City Hall and Inhaca Island. Beira which is the port city of Mozambique has several sightseeing options such as lighthouse, Macuti Beach and cathedral. Tofo is a popular destination famous for beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and excellent restaurants.