Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia on Indochina Peninsula. The country is bordered by Laos, Cambodia, South China Sea and People's Republic of China. The human inhabitation of the country is from Paleolithic times. Several dynasties ruled the area until Vietnam was colonized by France during 19th century middle. The French were expelled from the country in the middle of 20th century dividing the country politically into two. The two sides were fought during Vietnam War resulting in the victory of North Vietnam in the year 1975. 


Vietnam is a socialist republic with a single party. Communist party has a major role in all activities of society, government and politics. Only political parties endorsed or affiliated by communist party can contest elections which include trade union, worker union and Vietnamese Fatherland Front parties. Officially the country is socialist, but the country is mostly capitalist. Head of the state is the President who is also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Head of the government is the Prime Minister and the national assemble is unicameral legislature consists of four hundred and ninety eight members. National assembly is superior to both judicial and executive powers.  The supreme court of Vietnam is also liable to National Assembly.


The government of Vietnam has introduced planned economy for the country and the country has been dependent on agriculture. Vietnam has an open economy. The population of Vietnam is over 85.8 million and about 85.8% of the population consists of Vietnamese people. The country has 54 minority ethnic groups such as Muong, Degar, Hoa, Khmer Krom, Thai, Nung, Tay, Dao and Hmong. The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese and the writing of Vietnamese uses Chinese characters. Other language spoken by the minority groups are Chinese, Nung, Khmer, Muong, Tay, Hmong and Cham. Majority of the people are the followers of Buddhism and other religions practice are Christianity, Cao Dai, Islam, Hindu and Bahai’s.


Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam is a popular tourist destination. Hanoi is a city of lakes with colonial buildings and architecture. Ngoc Son Temple is the 18th century temple located in the heart of an island. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a popular attraction in the name of Ho Chi Minh who was the father of modern state. You have to go to the Mausoleum in a respectful attitude and dress. There are several museums and pagodas in Hanoi. Dalat is a city with cool climate, natural beauty and serenity which houses the Summer Palace of Emperor Bao Dai and the palace has a Hang Nga Guesthouse as well as Art Gallery.


Halong Bay is a World Heritage site listed by UNESCO which provides spectacular view of more than 3,000 small islands. Every island has grottoes and great beaches to enjoy. My Son is a monument located in the heart of a valley surrounded by rolling hills as well as huge mountain called as Cat’s Tooth. My Son is listed as the World Heritage site by UNESCO. Caving can be enjoyed by going to the Pong Nha river caves and Mekong Delta is popular for boat trips. Some hiking destinations are Be Be Lake National Park, Cat Ba National Park, Lang Bian Mountain, Bach Ma National Park and Cuc Phuong National park.