Aruba is an island situated in Caribbean Sea to the north of Venezuela. The island together with Curacao and Bonaire is known as ABC islands. Aruba comes under the Kingdom of Netherlands formed of four countries and the four countries included are Aruba, Curacao, Saint Martin and Netherlands. The citizens of Aruba have Dutch passports. The first settlers of Aruba are supposed to be the Caquetios Amerinds of Arawak tribe and these people were come from Venezuela. For more than a century, Aruba was the colony of Spain. As the island comes under the Kingdom of Netherland, it has a framework of parliament with 21 members and cabinet consists of eight members.


Aruba follows monarchial system and at present the head of the state is Queen Beatrix. The term for the governor is six years who is appointed by the monarch. Staten will elect the prime minister and the deputy prime minister and the Staten consists of 21 elected members. The legal system of Aruba is based on Dutch model. Aruba has high standards of living with comparatively low rate of unemployment in Caribbean. Tourism is the major source of income and majority of the tourists are from United States and Venezuela.


The population of Aruba is only about 103,065 and 80% of them are mestizos and 20% of the people are from other origin. Majority of the population are the descendants from Arawak and minority are Dutch, Portuguese, British, African, Italian and Spanish. Dutch and Papiamento are the official languages of Aruba but the predominant one is the Papiamento. Other languages spoken in Aruba are Portuguese, Spanish, a Creole language and French, Chinese, German and West African languages along with English. Most of the people coming to Aruba are repeat visitors because the tourism sector is developed, diversified and well organized.


You can find a wide variety of interests in Aruba such as beaches, casinos, discotheques, theme parties, music, casinos, national park and bird sanctuary. You can also participate in water sports activities such as windsurfing, scuba-diving, water skiing and fishing. Natural Bridge at Boca Andicuri is the most famous and the biggest among the seven natural bridges. In 2005, this bridge was collapsed but a smaller bridge is still there near the collapsed bridge. California Lighthouse is famous for its scenic views and offers perfect view of beaches. Another attraction of Aruba is the Natural pool which is a small pool of seawater enclosed with rocks.


Arikok National Park consists of limestone formation, quartz formation and lava formations and desert vegetation. Bubali Bird Sanctuary has more than 80 species of migratory birds. Butterfly Farm houses butterflies from all around the world and the tourist guides of the farm will explain you about the metamorphosis and habits of the butterflies. Haystack Mountain is a major tourist spot of Aruba and by climbing 561 steps you can reach the top of the mountain to enjoy the panoramic view of Aruba. The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad and it is the tax free destination for shopping. Other attractions of Aruba are Our Lady of Alto Visto Chapel, Casibari Rock & Ayo Rock Formations, Aruba Aloe Factory, Aruba Ostrich Farm, Guadirkiri caves, Palm Island and Bushiribban Gold mill.