Jamaica is situated in Caribbean Sea and surrounded by other countries such as Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Tainos are the indigenous inhabitants of the island who named this island 'Xaymaca' which means 'Land of Springs' or 'Land of Wood and Water'. Jamaica was under the control of Spanish people but in the year 1655, the island nation came under the control of Britain. In 1962, the island got full independence from the British. The nation is a Commonwealth realm in which the head of the state is Queen Elizabeth. The capital of the nation is Kingston and Kingston is the largest city of the country.


Jamaica is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy in which the Governor-General represents the monarch. The Prime Minister nominates the Governor General and monarch will appoint the whole Cabinet. Governor-General appoints the Cabinet members up on the recommendation of Prime Minister. The Bicameral Parliament consists of Senate and House of Representatives. The population of Jamaica is 2.5 million with majority of the people are African descendants. Largest minority of people is of Chinese and Indian ancestry and other minorities are German, English, Lebanese, Syrian, Irish and Scottish.


English is the official language of the country and major spoken language of the country is English-African Creole which is called as Jamaican Patois. The major religion of Jamaica is Christianity and the largest denomination is Church of God of Prophecy. Other religious practices of Jamaica are Hinduism, Buddhism and Bahai. Economy of Jamaica is mixed with both state and private businesses. The economy of Jamaica depends on mining, agriculture, finance, insurance, manufacturing and tourism. Tourism and mining are the major sources of income. Jamaica promises a variety of tourist spots such as national park, beaches, museums and nightclubs.


Bob Marley Museum is one among the top most attractions of Jamaica as the museum is the memoriam of famous songwriter and singer Bob Marley. The museum consists of Marley’s memorabilia collections. Spanish Town was the capital of the country under the Spanish rule which shows the blend of both British Georgian and Spanish architecture. Dunn’s River Falls is another beautiful tourist destination where you can go for hiking down the waterfalls and then enjoy the beachside beauty where the sea and river meets. Dolphin Cove is another popular attraction where you can swim with the most intelligent creatures in the ocean.


Do not miss the incredible colors of Blue Lagoon after going to Jamaica. Runaway Bay is a great spot for holidaying with some beautiful beaches and Green Grotto Caves. In Bellefield Great House, you can find some 300 years old plantations with large gardens and panoramic views of ocean. You can go for bamboo rafting tours in Rio Grande where you can enjoy scenic beauty offered by Portland area. Visit the Croydon coffee and pineapple plantation to watch the production of pineapple and coffee. Montego Bay Marine Park is a place where you can see the best of marine resources and coral reefs. Hope Botanical Gardens is a must see tourist attraction which consist of lawns, zoo, aviary and gardens that include orchid house, forest garden, cactus garden and ornamental pond.