Denmark which is officially known as Kingdom of Denmark is situated in Northern Europe and Copenhagen is the capital of the country. Denmark is bordered by Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway and Germany. The nation comprises of Jutland which is a huge peninsula and several islands such as Funen, Zealand, Vendsyssel-Thy, Lolland, Bornholm and Falster. The country also has hundreds of small islands known as Danish Archipelago. Denmark was inhabited from about 12,500 BC. Danes is said to be the ethnic groups from which the modern people of Denmark descended. During 8th -11th centuries, Danish people were known as Vikings. Medieval Denmark is ruled by Kings and it is a period of internal strife and weak political position under the influence of Germans.


Denmark is following constitutional monarchy and the present reigning monarch of Denmark is the Queen Margethe II. According to the constitution of the country, the monarch does not have to provide answers for their deeds. Prime Minister as well as other ministers is appointed by the monarch and the monarch also has the power to dismiss them from their respective positions. Executive power vested on the monarch is ceremonial and legislative power is executed by the prime minister and Danish Parliament. Judicial system depends on the courts of justice. 


Denmark has a mixed economy with above average living standards. Major export industries include foodstuffs, chemicals, textiles, machinery and oil and gas. The total population of Denmark is 5,475,791 and about 90% of the people are of Danish ethnicity. Several minority ethnic groups like Turks, Arabs, Inuits, Jews, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indians and so on are also residing in the country. The official language of the country is Danish. German and English are other widely spoken languages. About 80% of the Danish people are the members of Danish National Church.


Denmark has fascinating and varied attractions. Copenhagen is 600 year old capital of the country and the city has several medieval buildings and streets. Copenhagen also offers shopping experience in a pedestrian mall which is one among the largest malls in the world. Tivoli gardens is the must see destination of Denmark and it is the world’s oldest amusement park. Statue of Little Mermaid is also a great attraction that has human legs until which are just opposite to normal mermaids. Skagen Beaches are one among the great beach destinations. Viking Ship museum displays the remains of ancient Viking ships.


Gentofte Beaches is a popular tourist spot as tourists can enjoy swimming, Kayaking, sailing, sunbathing and playing beach games like beach volleyball. Danmarks Akvarium is a popular attraction for family which consists of 70 various aquariums both marine and fresh water. Copenhagen Zoo is one of the historic zoos of Europe with 3,000 diverse animals which consist of 250 species. The zoo is the home of zebras, bears, rhinos, elephants, penguins, monkeys and penguins. Tycho Brahe Planetarium has a variety of attractions which includes regular shows that project 4,000 and more stars and huge IMAX theatre. Denmark has 4 World Heritage sites such as Runic Stones and Church, Roskilde Cathedral, Kronborg Castle and Jelling Mounds.