Romania is situated between Southeastern Europe and Central Europe. The capital of Romania is Bucharest. The country is bordered by Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria. Human remains of 42,000 year old were discovered in Romania. Romania was under the Dacian Kingdom during 82-44 BC. Then the region was conquered by Roman Empire. After Roman Empire, the region was conquered by different migratory populations which include Huns, Goths, Gepids, Avars, Pechenegs, Cumans and Bulgars. During Middle Age, the people of Romania lived in the principalities of Moldavia, Transylvania and Wallachia. Transylvania became the autonomous part of Kingdom of Hungary by 11th century.


Kingdom of Romania is formed by the unification of Wallachia and Moldavia in 1859. In 1877, the country got independence from Ottoman Empire. Romania is at present semi-presidential parliamentary republic. Prime Minister is the head of the government and President is the head of the state. Government is taking care of the executive power, and senate and Chamber of Deputies will control the legislative power of the country. Highest authority of judicial system is the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Economy of Romania is a market economy, and the economy mainly depends on services sector. Other economic sectors are industrial sector and agricultural sector.


The population of Romania is more than 22 million. Around 89.4% of the population is ethnic Romanians. Hungarians and Gypsies are the largest minority ethnic groups.  Other ethnic groups are Germans, Ukrainians, Lipovans, Tatars, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Russians, Jews, Poles, Italians, Armenians and Czechs. Romanian is the official language of the Romania spoken by 91% people. French and English are the foreign languages learned in the schools. Other languages spoken are Vlax Romani, Hungarian, German, Spanish and Italian. There is no official religion in Romania, but 86.7% of the people are following Christianity. Other religions are Islam and Jews.


Romania is an interesting country for the tourists blessed with great scenery that ranges from forests, mountains, rolling hills to Black Sea. In Romania, you can find many ancient castles, mansions and monasteries. Bucharest has several monuments and architectural buildings. Biertan is a place where you can find a fortified church protected with tall walls. Monastery of Horezu is listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The monastery is famous for its Romanian architecture with well maintained and attractive garden. Berca Mud Volcanoes is also a famous destination of Romania. Merry Cemetery is popular for its colorful tombstones. The paintings on each tombstone describe the buried person.


Scarisoara Cave is an ice cave situated at Apuseni Mountains. Inside the cave, you can find the stalagmites and the two chambers of the cave are named as The Big Hall and The Church. Danube Delta is a river delta that is best preserved in Europe. Danube Delta has several plant species such as vines, oak trees and willow trees. Several species of fish such as pike perches, freshwater sturgeons and carps also can be seen in the delta. Carpathian Mountains are the famous place suitable for trekking and hiking. Mocanita Railway is an early railway and the government reconstructed it for the purpose of tourism.