Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates and the city lies on an island which is T-shaped extended towards the Persian Gulf. This city is the second largest in UAE and most modern among the cities all over the world. The population of the city is about 1.5 million and it became the cosmopolitan metropolis. Because of the urbanization and high income, Abu Dhabi is transformed in an advanced metropolitan city. The city has become the commercial and cultural center because of its prominence as a capital. Abu Dhabi is also the center of industrial and political activities of United Arab Emirates.


Major federal government offices are situated in Abu Dhabi and it is also the home of Government of UAE, President and the Emiri family of Abu Dhabi. The city is the head quarters of many multinational corporations and companies. The city is the largest oil producers in the world and recently, the city has made investments in tourism and financial services to improve the economy of the country. Abu Dhabi got the second place of being the expensive city of this region and 50th position among the expensive cities all over the world.


It is a modern city with tall apartment and office buildings, busy shops and broad boulevards. Abu Dhabi is located in an island of Persian Gulf towards the north eastern part in Arabian Peninsula. The city is connected to the mainland with Mussafah and Maqta bridges. Now a third bridge is under construction and the design of the bridge is created by Zaha Hadid. Majority of the city is situated on an island but several suburbs are located on mainland. Abu Dhabi is with a multicultural and diverse population. Several educational institutions such as universities and schools are there in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi is taking initiatives to attract tourists to the city and emerging as the cultural hub of the country. Several sites of archaeological importance that dates thousands years back are there in Abu Dhabi that shows the culture of the country. There are several islands surrounding the city and in some of these islands, construction of resorts is going on. Shopping is the favorite pastime of the city as there is a range of souks and malls in the city. Abu Dhabi is also in to the sports tourism and every year the city host several events such as watersports, motorsport, gold, athletics and golf. Local sports such as falconry, horsemanship and camel racing are also popular.


Al Maqtaa Fort is a popular tourist destination which was constructed 200 years back and the fort was the watch house to keep a check on the invading bandits. Another interesting tourist spot is the Bateen Shipyard where you can watch the construction of dhows using conventional techniques. Dhow cruising is also an exciting thing that helps you in the sightseeing of several islands surrounded the city. Among the other favorite tourist destinations of the city are Heritage Village, Khalifa Park Museum, Old Airport Garden, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Khalifa Park and the Emirates Palace Hotel.

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