Kuwait is an Arab nation located in Arabian Peninsula towards the northeast. The nation is bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The country lies towards the northwestern part of Persian Gulf. The history of Kuwait is related to that of the Iraq’s history since the Mesopotamian day until Neo Babylon Empire. The foundation of modern emirate of Kuwait is laid by the first settlers, Bani Utbah tribe. In the 1961, Kuwait got independence from United Kingdom and in the year 1990, Kuwait was invaded by Iraq. After the military intervention of US in Kuwait, the seven-month occupation of the country came to the end.


Kuwait has a parliamentary system and Kuwait City is the center of economy and politics. About 95% of the revenues through export and 80% income of the government are coming from the petroleum products and oil reserves in the country. Kuwait is the fifth largest producer of petroleum products in the world. Kuwait is in the eleventh position among the richest countries in the world. Kuwait is one of the safest countries in the world with a lower crime rate. All over the country, the Kuwaiti government has installed CCTV’s and police is well equipped with modern weapons.


The population of Kuwait is about 3-3.5 million and of them, 2 million are non-nationals. So, Kuwaiti citizens are the minority in Kuwait. Among them, 57% are Arabs, 39% are Asians and 4% are Bidun which are stateless Arabs. Arabic is the official language of Kuwait and second language is English. Majority of the Kuwaitis are Muslims which about 89%-99%. Among the Muslims, 50-60% of them are Sunnis and Shia’s are about 30-40%. There are other religions such as Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist.  Kuwait is influenced by Arab and Islamic culture and the local culture of Kuwait is dewaniya.


There are several interesting places to see in Kuwait. One of the famous tourist spots in Kuwait is the Kuwait liberation tower which is highest telecommunication towers all over the world. The tower is taller than Eiffel Tower for 40 meters. The tower is named after the liberation of the country from Iraq. Annual pearl diving festivals are held as a tribute to people who lived their life in pearling industry. Sea clubs in Kuwait also lures tourists as they offer wide variety of entertainment like tennis courts, bowling, beaches, gymnasiums, karat, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.


Kuwait is known to be a paradise of sailors. There are about 300 berths with full service in the yacht club. There are marinas in several sea clubs which organize sailing. You can also enjoy the boat trip to islands like Kubbar. The Science and Natural History Museum in Kuwait displays related to petroleum industry, aviation, machinery, zoology, space, electronics and natural history. The museum also comprises a planetarium and health hall. The Scientific Center is another attraction which houses largest Aquarium built by Kuwait Foundation. Zoological Park of Kuwait houses 65 species of animals, reptiles of five species and birds of 129 species are worth seeing.