Kiribati is located in central Pacific Ocean which consists of one elevated coral island and 32 atolls. The first inhabitants of this island nation are Micronesians during 3000BC and AD 1300. Later Melanesian and Polynesian cultures were introduced to the island by the invaders from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Cultural homogenization of the island is the result of intermarriage between different cultures. In 1916, this islands which was named Gilbert Islands along with Tuvalu which was named Ellice Islands became the crown colony of British. In 1975, the islands were got separated and given permission to have self-government. Kiribati got independence in 1979 from United Kingdom.


The constitution of Kiribati allows open and free elections. President, vice-president as well as the cabinet constitute executive branch. The legislative power is vested on unicameral House of Assembly. Judiciary is independent from executive and legislative powers as in many of the former British colonies. Kiribati is among the poorest and least developed countries of the world. Fish and Copra consists of majority of production as well as exports. Kiribati is the member of Commonwealth Nations, World Bank and IMF. It became the full member of UN in the year 1999.


The population of Kiribati is 98,000 and Natives of Kiribati are known as I-Kiribati. Ethnically the people are Micronesians and the people speak Gilbertese is one of the Oceanic languages. English is the official language of the nation, but not spoken by people very often out of island capita, Tarawa. The major religion of Kiribati is Christianity and other religions are Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Baha’i. There are innumerable numbers of tourist places in Kiribati. The islands are attracting tourists every year with its beautiful places. Tourists can enjoy several outdoor activities in Kiribati such as Kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, fishing, bird watching and whale watching.


Tarawa which is the capital of the country is a densely populated city. Tarawa is an atoll which consists of 24 islets and the largest islet is the Bonriki. Tarawa provides the view of beautiful coral reefs. Betio Island is famous for beaches and golf courses. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of tribal villages and a famous catholic church with window frames which are colorful in Abaiang. Abemama is the residential area of royal family that is worth visiting. You can also find war remains and beautiful villages in Abemama.


Christmas Island is beautiful place where the tourist can enjoy the sight of coconut palms, glittering lagoons and coral sand making it an ideal location for vacationers. Fanning Island is a coral island with sandy beaches, blue lagoons and various kinds of sea birds. Fanning island is famous for weaved glass skirts, hand-carved small boxes, collectibles, wood carvings, shell jewelry and hand-woven baskets. Eita Island is filled with natural beauty and the island is a perfect destination for the honeymoon couples. Maiania is an atoll where you can find lagoons, reefs and beaches. Kiritimati Island is a famous tourist destination with beautiful wild life and marine life.