Nauru is a Micronesian island country located in South Pacific and the close neighbor of this nation is Banaba Island of Kiribati. Nauru is the smallest island country of the world and Yaren is the capital of Nauru. The first settlers of the country are Polynesians and Micronesians. Traditionally, there were 12 tribes in the country and those tribes are represented in the flag of the nation as 12 pointed star. During the end of 19th century, Nauru was claimed by Germans as a colony. In 1923, the trusteeship of the country was given to Australian along with New Zealand and UK as co-trustees.


Nauru was captured by the Japanese during World War II, but in 1947 the trusteeship of Nauru was established by Australia and United Nations. UK and New Zealand became the island’s UN trustees. In 1968, Nauru got independence. Nauru has a huge deposit of phosphate and Nauruans have high standard of living in Pacific region by exploiting phosphate. Nauru is a parliamentary republic in which the president is the head of the government and head of the state. The country does not possess any formally political parties and the candidates generally stand as independents. The legal system of the country is complex and Chief Justice heads the Supreme Court.


The economy of Nauru depends on phosphate deposits which are formed from sea bird droppings. Nauru is not imposing personal taxes on its people and the rate of unemployment is 90%. About 95% of the people employed are under the government. The population of Nauru is 9,265 and among the people 58% are Nauruans, 26% are other Pacific Islanders, 8% are Europeans and 8% are Chinese. Nauruan is the official language of the country and 96% of the people are speaking this language. English is also spoken widely in this island nation. The major religion of the island is Christianity. Other religions are Buddhist, Islam and Baha’i.


Tourists can enjoy the sightseeing tours, fishing and boat tours in the nation. The common entertainment of the country is the sport fishing. Command Ridge is a sightseeing place which is the country’s highest point and the ridge was raised during World War II by the Japanese. Cantilevers are another attraction as they are unusual mine monuments built between both World Wars. Another tourist spot of Nauru is the former house of the President, but at present you can see the ruins of the building only.


Yaren, the capital of Nauru is a popular for deep-sea fishing and fishing and the place is also known for the water sports such as sea surfing and scuba diving. Beside the seashore, there are colonial remains which are also luring people to that place. Anibare Bay is popular for its natural beauty and at night the bay showered with moon rays is spectacular. Water sports are also popular in Anibare Bay. Plenty of native sea birds can be seen in Nauru which will provide pleasure to the birdwatchers. Sandy beaches of Nauru also attract the tourists from various countries.